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Glory Road Commercial Zoning Description

C2 - Regional Commercial District
No structure or land shall be used except for one or more of the following uses:

The following retail sales and service businesses supplying commodities or performing a service primarily for residents of the surrounding trade area:

Bakery Goods sales and baking of goods for retail sales on premises; bank; barbershop; beauty shop; book, office supply and stationery store; business office; candy, ice cream, popcorn, nuts frozen dessert and soft drink shop; delicatessen and/or convenience store; drugstore; dry cleaning, and laundry pick up stations including incidental pressing, and repair; department store; florist; gift or novelty store; grocery, fruit or vegetable store; hardware, building supply store; hobby store; laundromat of the self-service type; meat market but not including processing for a locker; medical and dental clinic or offices; music store; newsstand; photographic studio; physical culture or dance studio; post office; record shop; restaurant; cafe, tearoom; shoe sales and repair; small appliance repair shop; sporting goods stores; wearing apparel store.

Clinics for human care.

Municipal buildings where the use conducted is customarily considered to be an office use.

Offices of a general nature where the employment within the building does not exceed five hundred (500) persons and the operations do not include retail sales or warehousing from the site.

Professional offices. (Ord. 8, 12-17-1996)


No structure or land shall be used for one or more of the following uses except by conditional use permit:

Accessory structures or uses other than those listed as permitted.

Armories, convention halls, sports areas and stadiums.

Art studio, interior decorating studio, photographic studio, and music studio.

Automobile and other vehicles of transportation sales when they are new products and when conducted entirely within a building; auto repair; boats and marine sales when conducted entirely within a building, building material yards; commercial greenhouse, diaper on hand laundry service; furniture sales; garden supply store; interior decorating studio; locksmith; motels and hotels, provided the site shall contain not less than six hundred (600) square feet of area per unit; newspaper and publishing offices; office buildings; optical and jewelry manufacturing; pet shop provided the operation shall not include the commercial boarding of pets on the site; the maintaining of pens or cages outside the building, or the operating of, so as to cause an offensive odor or noise; photographic supplies and processing of film and prints; picture framing; printing shop, physical culture and health studio, radio and television repair; rugs and floor covering sales; seat cover, upholstery and drapery shop; wholesale office and showroom.

Bowling alleys; billiard and pool rooms; drive-in theaters; skating rinks; dance halls; gymnasiums; TMCA; YWCA; nightclubs fraternal organizations; bus terminals; business or trade school when conducted entirely within a building ; drive-in business subject to the requirements of this title; electrical service, heating, plumbing, appliances, upholstery or air conditioning service shop.

Conduct a fabrication, store, packaging and/or wholesaling operation or providing a service including any of the following or similar uses meeting the performance standards applicable to the C2 district.

Electronic components and products.

Fishing tackle.

Research laboratories as part of another business and where such laboratories do not use more than twenty five percent (25%) of the area of the building area housing such business.

Essential service structures, including, but not limited to, buildings such as telephone exchange stations, booster or pressure stations, elevated tanks, lift stations, and electric power substations.

Funeral homes and mortuaries.

Historical buildings, museums, art institutes, galleries, and theaters for the performing arts.

Motor fuel stations developed as an integral part of, and in conjunction with, a permitted use or uses which total development shall have a minimum site area of not less than three (3) acres and subject to the requirements for this title.

Multibusiness pylon signs.

Nonprofit clubs and lodges provided they are not less than seventy five feet (75') from an R district.

Off-sale liquor store.

Pawnshops, secondhand stores and antique shops.

Planned unit development (PUD) with a minimum size of ten (10) acres 1.

Radio and televisions and telephone towers.

Radio and television studios.

Stone and monument sales.

Tattoo parlors and body piercing shops.


Truck and freight terminals with not to exceed ten (10) truck dock stalls.

Used vehicle sales

Warehousing and wholesaling (Ord. 2003-2, 8-5-2003; amd. Ord 2004-13, 9-21-2004; Ord. 2006-2, 1-17-2006)

As determined by the planning and zoning commission. (Ord. 2004-8, 4-20-2004)

No accessory structure or use of land shall be permitted except for one or more of the following uses:

Any incidental repair, processing or storage necessary to conduct a permitted principal use shall not occupy more than thirty percent (30%) of the gross floor area of the principal building.

Buildings temporarily located for purposes of construction on the premise for a period not to exceed time necessary to complete said construction.

Decorative landscape features.

Open sales lots for the seasonal sale of Christmas trees and nursery stock.

Private garages, off street parking and loading spaces as regulated in this title.

Public telephone booths, provided all yard requirements for accessory uses are met.

Signs as regulated by section 10-5-1 of this title. (Ord. 8, 12-17-1996; amd. Ord. 8.38, 9-18-2001)

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Glory Road Commercial Demographics

Trade Area 2007 Population (includes the following counties):
  Crow Wing County 62,837    
  Cass County 29,824    
  Total Trade Area Population 92,661    
2007 Population
  Crow Wing County 62,837    
  Baxter 7,135    
  Brainerd 13,587    
Estimated Summer Population
  Brainerd/Baxter 200,000+    
Projected Population Growth Change 2007-2012
  Crow Wing County 1.14%    
  Baxter 2.13%    
Households in 2007
  Crow Wing County 26,112    
  Baxter 2,573    
Crow Wing County Retail Sales in 2004 = $1,563,020,000
Major Employers (150 + Employees)
  St. Joseph's Medical Center Brainerd 900+  
  Brainerd Public Schools Brainerd 900  
  Brainerd Regional Human Service Center Brainerd 657  
  Maddens, Inc Brainerd 425  
  Crow Wing County Brainerd 400  
  Ascensus Brainerd 400  
  Cuyuna Regional Medical Center Crosby 390  
  Wal-Mart Baxter 350  
  Mills Fleet Farm Brainerd 342  
  Clow Stamping Merrifield 300  
  Bethany Good Samaritan Village Brainerd 300  
  Breezy Point Resort Breezy Point 300  
  Crosby Public Schools Crosby 255  
  Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge Deerwood 250  
  Grand View Lodge Nisswa 250  
  Brainerd Medical Center Brainerd 240  
  U.S. Link Pequot Lakes 231  
  Central Lakes Community College Brainerd 225  
  Pequot Lakes Public Schools Pequot Lakes 200  
  Riverwood International USA Crosby 190  
  MN Dept of Transportation Baxter 190  
  North Star Plating Brainerd 158  
  A-Tek, Inc Brainerd 156  
  Nor-son Inc Baxter 150  
  Target Baxter 150